a whore and a slut, a girl who sleeps around a lot or is a complete skanky bitch
Emily's such a fuckin slore man did you hear who she did last night?
by kingof thajungle555 May 04, 2011
A slut with sores
when a girl named Jenny walks around with hickeys on her neck and claims theyre fake, she is considered a slore also known as a slut with sores
by zinizucchini March 23, 2011
1.) a person who steals boys
2.) Slut+Whore=slore
3.) Does drugs all day errrday
4.) Name may or may not rhyme with shmayla shmane
hint. it does.
do you see that coke slore? yeah, isnt that fayla snane?!
by hahahahhehehehhohohoho October 28, 2010
A perfect combination of a slut and a whore.

Someone who likes to cheat on you by sending out pictures of her naked body to a few other men.

Also storing picture after picture of cock on her cell phone.

Dating and or fuckin numerous brothers from my fraternity.

Someone who now rocks a mullet and tries to make it look better by putting a giant bow in it.

Someone whos hands and mouth are constantly coated in semen.

Is really bad in bed, but yet, still sluts herself around.

Thinks everything with a dick wants to fuck her. And cries when she doesnt get the attention that she craves.

Would fuck anything, even if it looks like her dad.
You see Kim over there? Well shes a total Slore

Ever hear of a frat mat? Yeah well, shes worse. Shes a slore.
by Rabbit25 May 03, 2010
The cross between a slut and a whore
Becky can't make up her mind wether to be a slut or a whore. She takes money when she has sex, but also loves to have sex for free. Instead of calling her either one, she will be named a Slore.
by Baller82 December 01, 2009
A combination of the words "slut" and "whore" creating a new super word. This is not an actual word and should not be used in casual conversation....especially in the city of San Marcos, Ca.
Cecelia Demattos is a slore for using that word in a text message.
by CRAM SANDWHICH! September 22, 2009
A slut-whore. A chick who is so sexually promiscuous that she is neither a slut nor a whore. She is at that point a slore.
Dude #1: "Daaamnnnn that chick is so fucking hot bro."

Dude #2: "Ya shes hot but Ive already been balls-deep in that!"

Dude #3: "Hahahaha! Thats awesome she just sucked my dick and licked my ass like 2 nights ago!"

Dude #1 again: " WOW! What a SLORE!!....Be right back im gonna go talk to her..."
by Bad Boy 813 September 16, 2009
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