SLORE = slut + whore

someone who is both . . . a combination of two friend, one of which is slutty and the other is whore- like
1) that girl is such a SLORE, she sleep with everything that moves

2) look at those two coming our way...SLORE alert!
by AnastasiaBeaverhausen7 February 04, 2013
slut and a whore. taking every available guy and having the right capabilities to be worn like a hat!
Chris: "hey look over there kirsty has a rugby team all over her, what a slore"
by Bummingshaw March 04, 2012
a bitch that fucks alot of dudes a quick use for the words slut and whore
"alexis demelo is such a slore"
by alexfkjdaighsdighds January 11, 2012
A girl/woman that is a gigantic whore+slut.
That slore gave so much head the docters had to pump her stomach.
by peachmeister November 30, 2011
Mixture of 'slut' and 'whore. Adjective that describes a woman who is sexually promiscuous.
"OMG! Did you see what Casey is wearing today?! I can see her pink zebra bra right through her shirt. Plus I heard she hooked up with Brian last night even though he's going out with one of her co-cheerleaders. She's such a slore!"
by iDefineDatWord October 23, 2011
Slut Whore invented by Lorenzo
Serena is such a slore!
by John Aria September 04, 2011
the combo of slut + whore equaling SLORE, a skank or prostitute
your mother's a slore
by CM Sheen July 17, 2011

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