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See Eminem and Slim Shady.
I saw Slim yesterday on TV.
by Fangsta March 17, 2003
annoying, idiotic and darn well cheeky
Hey Slim get out of the way!!!!
by Friend of Slim June 07, 2003
verb-to come in late to a fight in a multiplayer match and kill the winner of the fight.
Erik: Oh, what now Ermac!
Alex: Haha got you bitch.
Erik: Lamb, you just pulled a slim!!!

by beanerbagtossdown March 06, 2009
The Opposite to Wide. Used To Describe Something Uncool or Shit.
"Fuck, That Was Slim"
by DylanCourt October 27, 2007
A really cool cat in california
Yo, that\'s a slim ova there!
by Slim L April 26, 2005
a nick name for salim
yo slim we'll see ya at seven
by Maria June 07, 2004
A looking male
Amanda dat dude is some slim.
by Robert November 23, 2003