a joint because blunts are called fatties
yo lets roll up a slim
by hvsjhdbfjnv January 03, 2006
annoying, idiotic and darn well cheeky
Hey Slim get out of the way!!!!
by Friend of Slim June 07, 2003
verb-to come in late to a fight in a multiplayer match and kill the winner of the fight.
Erik: Oh, what now Ermac!
Alex: Haha got you bitch.
Erik: Lamb, you just pulled a slim!!!

by beanerbagtossdown March 06, 2009
The Opposite to Wide. Used To Describe Something Uncool or Shit.
"Fuck, That Was Slim"
by DylanCourt October 27, 2007
A really cool cat in california
Yo, that\'s a slim ova there!
by Slim L April 26, 2005
a nick name for salim
yo slim we'll see ya at seven
by Maria June 07, 2004
1.) a fine ass nigga
2.)opposite of fat
gurl we need 2 go 2 da club it be slims up there and it be deep as fuck
by reppinATL July 30, 2006

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