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One that is smart, witty, very sexy, honest, follows her heart, hard working, goal driven, easy to fall in love with, impossible to fall out of love with, generous, thoughtful, understanding.
Alena will always do great things.
by your somebody January 24, 2009
A Beautiful, Sexy, Easy to fall in love with, impossible to fall out of love with adorable you need an Alena. Smart, your love, nice, shy to random people, outgoing with friends, loves everyone, hated by nobody, popular, you wish you were an Alena. Alena's are also good in bed. Also a great girlfriend they'll never cheat or be snobby.
Guy: Man I just had a great girlfriend, shes impossible to get over, I love her so much. I want her back.

Stranger: Was her name Alena?
by Girrl 124 April 30, 2009
Alena's love jakes... And get along with them really well
"Hi, my names Alena! ..I really like jake :)"
by Everynameisalreadypicked! April 07, 2013
A real life sour-patch kid that loves goldfish crackers and rocks the basketball court and the dance floor with their voluptuous bootayy and awkward noises.
1) "Teehheee wommpp nom nom nom nerp"

"You sound just like Alena"

2) Mmmmm I love sour patch kids, sour then sweet...perfect! just like Alena!
by duda man October 08, 2011
Amazing! Sexy! Hot! Super Fantastic Skinny Girl who is super tan! She loves to be super excited with Rizza and one day they will have a show called Alena and Rizza take Hawaii. Her Amazing-ness shines through everyone and everything so you will always be able to find her! Exclamation points are also a must if you want to be friends with Alena because her middle name is over exaggerated!!!!! Her hobbies consist of buying Chandlers and making Mr.Ravitt cartoons in Math Class. She has also mastered the cheer leading skill "Chin-chin". I know what your thinking, and you definitely have the right to be jello of her, lime green jello.
Alena Lunda
by !Rizza! April 08, 2010
The famous Jazz Princess from Maine. She has a special power to seduce any kind of men or women. She is known to have many jazz suitors and they are all capable playing one or two instruments such as bass, piano and violin. She also owns a Korean immigrant who has a perfect pitch as her servant. She also can attract many jazz males because of her special skills. The Jazz Princess's weakness is the innocent appearance that prevents her from doing cool "jazz stuff" in front of the other fellow jazz citizens like smoking and drinking. She is planning to broaden her jazz experience by working at Fun Town this upcoming summer while listening to various Brazilian music.
"Wow! Alena has another jazz suitor who plays piano."
"Alena! I didn't know you drank! You look so young!"
"I can do anything becuase I am the Jazz Princess Alena."
by Ming Li May 07, 2008
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