New Automobile Rims.
You're gonna need some new shoes and slims for your car.
by Cholla July 22, 2005
Another way of calling a Fat guy fat.
"Whats going on slim?" really saying " hey fatso"
by butterlard May 21, 2012
An acronym meaning stupid looking ignorant moron.
Used to describe someone that is in my Uncle Fred's way.
"Look at that S.L.I.M., he doesn't have sense enough to come out of the rain," Uncle Fred said.
by I_am_Chrissy August 02, 2006
The opposite to fat and means thin and what most women want to be.
''wow! shes slimmer than me''
by sweet jesus June 01, 2006
A dutch word for smart, intelligent..
hij is slim
he's smart
by A.D.8 January 24, 2007
A male that is very cute
Everyone thinks im some slim!
by phatnatt June 26, 2005
See Eminem and Slim Shady.
I saw Slim yesterday on TV.
by Fangsta March 17, 2003

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