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A long and hard-packed, cylinder piece of shit lacerating the sides of a toilet bowl and leaving heavy, soiled swipe marks as it's flushed down a toilet.
Ah man that toile bowl looks sick... looks like someone had a slider a mile long.
by Koola User September 04, 2003
6 18
To slowly remove yourself from someones life, and or a relationship.
man I had to pull a slider because that girl was crazy!
by Mchavox February 18, 2010
3 13
A girl who enjoys being on top.
"Man last night I hooked up with this girl and she was totally a slider."
by TRX534 February 06, 2010
1 11
Slang term used to describe a woman's vaginal cavity.
"Ok miss Finnigan, just put your legs in the stirrups and we'll take a good look at that slider of yours."
by Dean Myerscough January 20, 2010
23 33
Drug Dealer; usually someone who deals in soft or easy to obtain drugs.

Verb: "To Slide"
To sell drugs.
My slider was busted, do have any recommendations for a new one?

Verb: Hey man, I don't slide to people I don't know.
by Sane Rage May 05, 2009
2 12
When a subject excretes faeces onto the pectorial bridge of a target, causing the faeces to then "slide" down the torso of the target. This often leaves an invertebrae-like trail running down the targets chest. The Slider is considered successful when it reaches the belly button, and part of the faeces become lodged within it. Sadly this makes it impossible to successfully slider somebody with an outy belly button.
"Did you see that slider? It looks like someone drew a line with brown felt-tip down marks chest."
by Jizzle Fizzle October 10, 2007
1 11
girl that you or someonr had sex with

or a girl that is willing to have sex with anyone
a dirty slut who just has sex and nothing else no d-sucking or anything just sex
by casey vaccrezza November 08, 2004
10 20
the kind of shit that just slides out so smoothly you dont even feel it, beware you do not have a slider in public
woman: excuse me, why did you shit on my carpet?

man:oh im sorry it diddnt notice, it must have been a slider
by ishitonyocarpet August 17, 2009
3 14