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girl that you or someonr had sex with

or a girl that is willing to have sex with anyone
a dirty slut who just has sex and nothing else no d-sucking or anything just sex
by casey vaccrezza November 08, 2004
the kind of shit that just slides out so smoothly you dont even feel it, beware you do not have a slider in public
woman: excuse me, why did you shit on my carpet?

man:oh im sorry it diddnt notice, it must have been a slider
by ishitonyocarpet August 17, 2009
A presumably homosexual person that frequently changes their mind as to whether they prefer to dance, make-out or whatever....with men or women. A.K.A. Bisexual
A certain boy dances intensely with another boy and then after that dances with and kisses unknown girl. Later on that night he kisses the first boy and refers to himself as a "slider". He also might look like Zach Effron.
by RB girl January 06, 2009
An extremely large piece of pizza sold by the slice
yo dude, lets cruise over to Jacks Pizza and grab a slider
by Waynerton Lee February 23, 2008
When a man shits on a girls leg and then slides up and down on it
Erin had to take a shower after Richie pulled a slider on her
by Richie Bogdanski is gay November 06, 2006
A type of bong that the head piece(where the weed goes) is used as the carb of the bong. When the bong is full of smoke u pull the head piece off and inhale.
That shit u full pull it off and inhale my son.
by sToNeD January 12, 2005
The ATM machine in a strip club.
I spent all my money on lap dances and had to get $200 more out of the slider.
by Bark 44 May 19, 2009