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The act of releasing a fart so immense, cheek flap is achieved.
Wow! What did you eat, man? That triple flutterblast could qualify you for the olympics.
by ODubya July 12, 2004
The body's act of processing foods and liquids to the point where you can actually feel the goods shifting in your bowels. This process is usually accompanied by really potent releases of gas with the end process being a really intense bowel movement.
"Oh man! Smells like your Brewin up a good one"
by ODubya July 12, 2004
A slider is the act of defecating with the utmost ease. Sit down and it slides right out with no evidence on the first wipe. The best days.

Also knows as the "Porcelain pit stop"
Yo dude, how'd it come out?
Slider, baby!
by ODubya July 12, 2004

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