A long and hard-packed, cylinder piece of shit lacerating the sides of a toilet bowl and leaving heavy, soiled swipe marks as it's flushed down a toilet.
Ah man that toile bowl looks sick... looks like someone had a slider a mile long.
by Koola User September 04, 2003
When a guy slips his tongue into his partners asshole like a frog
Tina squealed as John did the slider!
by Tina June 18, 2004
automatic hand gun
by obvious September 17, 2003
A "silent but deadly" fart.
Somebody was makin' sliders in class.
by Rod Brock May 14, 2006
This is a crappy idiot who made the worst game modification ever! This word often means:

n "sock".
adjective "crappy" or "stinky".
vb "to make something crappy"
I've got wet sliders! They stink!

He made Jedi Academy game so sliderish!

Oh no! The game has been slidered...
by MeusH February 23, 2005
From City Of Heroes. When the DVD Collectors Edition was release, it came with a 'new power', the Powerslide. This 'power' identified n00bs very easily.
Look at that slider.

Stop sliding and come help us.
by G5 February 12, 2005
A metrosexual or yuppie that is nomadic. Moves more than twice a year, often overseas.
Why are you being a slider and moving so often?
by JesseJames January 11, 2005

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