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Spicey, Sexy, Hot, and goodlookin
That kayde chick is so slicey
by BigRed7777777 July 10, 2008
a term kids use in elementary school when they play handball.. i remember the days. the slicey was like the kick ass move in handball. it was like a really low hit that your opponent wouldn't be able to play off of.
Kid 1: Hey man! that was a pop! you're out!

Kid 2: No dude! that was a slicey!
by grace June 18, 2004
The Act Of Being Hellaa' Fly.
After I Got Some MADDD Trim, I Was Feelinn' Hellaa' Slicey.
by Lauryn Souza March 09, 2008
a friend, e.g. a homie, a homeslice, a pal
me and my slicey went to the pizza joint last night and held the cashier up
by benzito November 16, 2003
like saying nice; tight; crazy.
"that shit is slicey!"
by __xhtown January 19, 2008
Synonym for jiggy.
"We was gettin' slicey wit' it."
by ro slo March 30, 2005
Often present in northern countries, slicey weather is defined as a combination of slush and ice making for particularly slippery walking/driving conditions.
"Can you drive me to the movies?"
"No, its too slicey outside."
by CourtneyandStef March 28, 2008