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The most awesome furry you'll ever meet.
She's cute and doesn't take shit from anyone
"Is it a plane? Is it a bird?"
"No it's Spicey"
by SparkleBitch September 23, 2009
33 17
1. Challenging authority
2. Hot or sexy
3. Daring
Damn! Scott is sure feeling spicey today.
by Nutmeg April 24, 2005
22 9
Word to describe a blunt when it is so close to the end that it burns while you try to smoke it
"hey man wanna kill this blunt?"
"nah man that shit's spicey"
by trealtalker January 08, 2008
4 9
adj. used to describes situations in which strange or awkward events may occur.
dang, when bob told everyone he liked his best friends mom, the situation became so spicey
by E milly October 22, 2005
10 17
Fired up, irritated or angry.
Damn Eric was sure spicey after we made fun of him.
by The real KO January 28, 2009
5 13