The girl version of a player.
I heard that bitch a slayer.
I'm a real slayer.
by This_girl_cray July 09, 2014
A person who has sex, or kiss's alot of the other sex, like a player
That guy is such a slayer, he was with 12 girls at Tuckers party

Jack: Did you slay this weekend?
Jordan: Of course who do you think i am
Jack: Sweet!
by mrpuzzle November 03, 2010
the awesome title the halo 2 narrarator calls you every time you start a match
herman li: hey sam rets ro pray sum halo
sam totman: k dude
narrarator: slayer
dragonforce in unison: woah...
by teddy wallace September 22, 2007
Slayer is the best halo series gametype. Slayer is also the name of a very hardcore metal band.
I am great at social slayer, and decent in team slayer, and I should try listening to slayer (not taking them literally of course.)
by Cogitator August 14, 2008
1). Someone who does normal day activities with extreme force and effort.

2). One who slays.

3.) One who dresses in all black or in extreme apparel.

4.) Fucking weird.
"Dude, you see that 13 year-old kid riding his bike down a main street at 83 miles per hour, wearing a suit that fit him when he was 6, chains covering his neck, neon green make-up, eating a 2 year-old eggplant?"

"Yeah man, what a slayer"
by snow3331 January 10, 2010
The most popular game type in the Halo trilogy and in x-box live... Beware of imitations!
Slayer kicks Team Deathmatch's ass any day.!.!
by Mannyac December 16, 2008
1. A warrior , knight in shining armor who saves ladies.
2. Maple husband that is nice.
1. Lady : where is my slayer?~

Guy : here lady! i'm coming to save you!

Lady : My slayer... <3

2. Maple wife : darlinq slayer!

Maple husband : dear!~
by lovelifeloveslayer December 20, 2009
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