To slay is to have sex, fuck, and bang. It is the ultimate hit it and quit it. Slaying focuses on quantity and usually not quality although pushing the envelope when it comes to quality is an unwritten no-no in the eyes of other slayers. Slayers have pre-meditated routines and game that is spit at women night in and night out; a player if you will, only a slayer will finish the job.
He is the ultimate slayer, every night I hear bitches screaming and the bed posts nailing the walls.

The slayers society welcomes you.
by pseudony October 23, 2008
Good metal band. Vocals are shit and epic fail, though.
Slayer would be a thousand times better without the shitty vocals.

Fuck off, Tom. Take some lessons in music theory.
by HarbingerX January 23, 2012
A very popular stat on the online game Runescape. Slayer is considered the slowest stat to level. In slayer you are given tasks to kill certain monsters from a slayer master.
Mitymouse77's current slayer assignment is 185 Abyssal demons.
by derobky March 05, 2009
Powerhungry administrator who gives people modships and and access to special priveleges based on how much he likes them, and how much they E-suck his cock.
You gave her access to that? You're such a Slayers..
by MrAnderson June 28, 2004
Music enjoyed by males in their late thirties who think they're cool and can't understand it's just a kickass drummer exhibiting himself and playing double bass the entire song, a guitar riff that despite sounding epic it is ruined by the overuse, satanic lyrics, and some of the worst vocals ever.
All Slayer songs suck and sound the same.
by Shottenheimer September 08, 2010
One who tries to be a Player, but in turn, end up Slaying the game.
Kira was trying to play 2 guys in the same apartment building and she got caught. She is such a slayer.
by JFLAP September 23, 2008
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