1. Best band ever. You don't say it, you fuckin scream it. The heavist, and fastest band ever. With the most EVIL lyrics, who else has the BALLS to start a song with the word Auschwitz?

2. What you yell when you hear "music" that sucks (50 cent, Snakes n Barrels, Motley Crue, Poison, Jonas Brothers, Soulja Boy, etc.)
1. Slayer fan: "When you're walking and you see someone wearing a slayer shirt, you look at them and they look at you and you just know."
"On my wall your head" piece by piece

2. Slayer fan at Death Cab for Cutie show because gf dragged him there: SLAYER! SLAYER! SLAYER!
by MDMI March 01, 2009
An American thrash metal band that originated in Oakland, California. An influence to black metal. Also a member of the big 4 of thrash metal. Typical Slayer lyrics deal with death, war, suicide, the holocaust, and other dark subjects. While most newbies to the genre say that Reign In Blood is the best metal album ever, I and many others believe that Hell Awaits is better in every way. It is far more brutal and evil than Reign In Blood in both the lyrics and the guitar riffs. Don't get me wrong, Reign In Blood is a damn great album. It just gets way more credit than it deserves. I personally don't understand why they didn't make it bigger than Metallica. While Metallica took the sellout route to get more popularity, Slayer never sold out or got worse.
My ranking of the big 4:
1. Slayer
2. Anthrax
3. Megadeth

My ranking of Slayer albums:

1. Hell Awaits
2. Show No Mercy
3. God Hates Us All
4. South of Heaven
5. Seasons In The Abyss
6. Reign In Blood
7. Divine Intervention
8. Diabolus In Musica
9. Undisputed Attitude
10. Christ Illusion
11. World Painted Blood

No Slayer album is bad, it's just that some are better than others.

R.I.P Jeff Hanneman.
by ZackStrombolov February 09, 2014
the heviest metal band also stands for satan laughs as you eternaly rot
slayer is the best band ever
by spliffy420 December 08, 2010
The absolute most fucking intense thrash/speed/death metal band ever to come to life. They have appeared many times on MTVs Viva La Bam and Headbangers Ball, along with Guitar Hero 3 with their (in)famous hit "Raining Blood" and GH Metallica with "War Ensamble".

I cant give what I say next any real credibilty, but it would be FUCKING AWESOME. I have been told that their name is an acronym that is as follows



Spelling out Slayer.
" Trapped in purgatory, a lifeless object alive, awaiting reprisal, death will be their aquantance. The skys turning red, return to power draws near, fall into me the skys crimson tears, abolish the rules made of stone. Pierced from below, souls of my treacherous past, betrayed by many, now ornaments dripping above... Awaiting the hour of reprisal, your time slips away.
Raining Blood
from a lacerated sky
bleeding its horror
creating my structure

Slayer- Raining Blood
by Cartmaniac June 23, 2009
Named after the American Thrash Metal band of the same name, the term Slayer may be used by a woman when telling others that she is menstruating. The term is a reference to Slayer's classic song "Raining Blood".
"I'm having my Slayer"

"It's that Slayer time of the month"

He asks her "Can I go down on you?"
She responds "It's not a good idea. I've got my Slayer"
"What do you mean?" he asks.
"I'm Raining Blood" she replies.
by murdaux July 14, 2010
A heavy metal band. Also an acronym for Satan Laughs as You Eternally Rot.
Person 1) What's your favorite band?
Person 2) S.L.A.Y.E.R.!
by The Eternal Trickster July 10, 2011
slayer - someone who causes the death of a person or animal
He is a Slayer
He is a killer
by doctahwho23 October 31, 2015

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