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A sport played entirely inside of a moving car. The front passenger's sole duty is to think of the must over the top metal band/word/singer/ect to SCREAM at pedestrians, creating a scare. Points and responses can be tallied. Be mindful of pigs when doing this. Also, for the driver, ensure you're not approaching a red light.
Game On Kids.
*Spots a man on the street*
by Dr.FeelGOOD March 14, 2005
To drive by people(old ladies, small kids, nice families, ghetto people) and scream SLAYER at the top of your lungs out of the window. This usually leaves the victim stunned woundering who was the asshole who screamed the name of a populiar 80's metal band at them.

Slayer works because it is the most know metal band and is short to thepoint. Also it's evil sounding and no matter who you are(prep, jock, hood, ruddie,soccer mom) you know slayer is a damn crazy band.
those old fucks could use a good slayer-ing
by erikthemod July 10, 2008
to sleep with underage women
dan gates has been slayer-ing again and splet with another pret last night
by Bazdy March 15, 2011