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Something that is terrible.
That old car is pretty slaw. I would never be seen driving around in it.
by Skizurp June 08, 2003
adjective used in the description of nouns to imply ignorance
Damn that motha' fucka' is slaw as hell
by Cloud March 23, 2005
S.L.A.W.- slow. lazy. and. weak.
The Detorit Lions are slaw.
by WCWskoal August 26, 2009
An adjective that can describe how physically attractive someone is
Brianna is so irresistably SLAW that I had to tell the world about it.
by BIRTHDAYBOII June 18, 2015
SLut - Ass - Whore

A women who jumps in the bed with whoever is available. She doesn't even acknowledge herself as a slut/whore and she keeps it moving. Not to mention she's nowhere near attractive.
When I go out of town, you won't see me with any SLAWS.
by Iddy Helen jr February 04, 2011
a word to describe either a moment of either pure ignorance, or the great feeling of raw imagination
Teacher: Jim, what did you get for problem five?
Student: Slaw?
by Jackalopebaird August 26, 2009
a person who is easy to sleep wit and has been with a lot of people
yo , don't talk to her shes a slaw she's been wit every guy at this party.
by melly mell July 01, 2009

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