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A slimy or "slippery" fart. Often one of those symptoms associated with your common hangover or gassy and/or upset stomach.
"OH...ummm... I uhh.. I SLARTed and I gotta go!!!... and sorry about your couch dude..."
by YouKnowWho2 March 10, 2008
18 6
Other word for slut.
Yo slart, get yo fat ass over here.
Why not go fuck that slart.
Dude, your girlfriend is a dirty slart.
What a fucken slart.
by DaN` July 08, 2003
28 20
A fart that escapes during sleep, sometimes waking the slarter him(her)self.
I do love him, but his slarts may be a deal breaker, I dunno.
by Lorraine Luciano October 10, 2005
20 14
A term used to describe a woman so unbelievably dirty and skanky, that the resembles the stereotype of both a slag and tart. Using far too much make-up and fake-tan, she can be mistaken for a wedding-cake as well as an orangutan. Stay away lads.
What a fucking slart
by Yannis Pasapilakapus July 26, 2011
6 3
(n) a slut with a heart.
I think Michelle is a slart and not a slut because she can express a sensitive side toward her one night stands.
by Dr. BeeJay September 08, 2012
1 0
Virtual art done in the virtual world Second Life.
That is one amazing piece of SLart!
by Smiley B. January 19, 2008
11 11
When a generally slutty or whorish woman farts, and unintentionally squirts vaginal juices
Guy 1 "I was banging Borat yesterday, and that bitch slarted all over my tube snake"
Guy 2 "NICE!!!"
by rapethatpanda6911 June 21, 2011
1 2