'Slart' too tarty to be a slut, and not good enough to be a tart.
you total slart, either take some clothes off, or put more makeup on.
by Beefy November 06, 2003
A term originating in Yorkshire that describes a sum of liquid greater than a drop being emitted from a funnel or dispenser. Usually describing vinegar.
"Put a couple o' slarts o' vinegar on my chips would ya love."
by vocabularly_abundant January 28, 2010
A fart emitted by a slut, or a slut that smells like farts.
I should have never given that hooker tacos. Now my car smells like a slart.
by redrum March 26, 2005
a cross between a slut and a tart used in a derogitery term manly aimed at females
laura, your such a slart cover up your tits
by the one you should all know December 01, 2006

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