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To flatulate, usually a thunderous, solid, thick and juicy rip.
What a great word, "beefed". Uncle Jimmy was beefin' it up at the club last night and everyone was waling away from him.
by beefy April 17, 2003
Flapping female labia - see beef curtains
She had gammon hangers like a pork butcher on pension day
by Beefy February 09, 2004
upside down noob
cs players
by beefy May 24, 2004
short guys with big heads and ray guns from the Mars
by beefy August 22, 2003
Arsehole, sphincter muscle, puckered poo hole
After that vindaloo, I had hot coals up my drawstring purse for a week
by Beefy February 09, 2004
More 1337 than 1337 and all other poser number combs such as 1338, 1339, 13310.
We created 1447 because these silly joobles stole the other numbers >=(

1447 5n1p4g3!
by Beefy December 23, 2003
'Slart' too tarty to be a slut, and not good enough to be a tart.
you total slart, either take some clothes off, or put more makeup on.
by Beefy November 06, 2003

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