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The act of masturbation.
As Vince in the Slap Chop infomercial says... "Slap chop your troubles away..."
by slapchopper2000 May 10, 2009
A food-chopping device that allows you to stop having a boring tuna.
Slap Chop infomercial: "You're gonna love my nuts."
by BWallenstein May 19, 2009
When a stripper on the stage looks at you with her legs spread and starts slapping her vagina with her hand like the "slap-chop" vegatable cutter on the infomercial.
Did you see that chick last night hittin her pussy like a fuckin "slap-chop"! Looked like she was trying to dice a whole bag of oinions
by ERV July 11, 2011
to have sweaty, greasy consecutive sex with some bird. usually referred to in a disgusted or joking manner.
liam: how'd you go with that english sluzza last night mate?

pete: yeah i totally gave her the old slap chop

liam: you are such a creep weasel
by fishchicken January 27, 2013
Any excessive amount of useless stuff on a person place or thing. I.E. a bunch of SLAP CHOP!!
A truck driving down the road with 2 grill guards, 5 antennas, 22 lights and a stuffed animal attached to the front... look at all that slap chop on the truck.

A black girl with way to big of nails and multiple sets of gold hoops on that match all 6 necklaces...damn that chick is wearing a lot of slap chop.

A truck full of mexicans.... truck full of slap chop.
by Odeon_Cobra May 23, 2011
(v.) Dice, Chop & Mince In Seconds.

(n.) Any person who slapchops your nuts, financially and/or metaphorically. Frequently, but not always, a socially inept bum.
Example 1
James - "You know, Chris is always such a bum."
Me - "Yeah, he totally Slapchopped my wallet with the promise that he would pay me back, that lying Slapchop."

Example 2
Chris - "Could you give me and my fiancee a ride to Taco Bell?"
Me - "Fine."
Chris - "Could you buy me and my fiancee a burrito or two? We don't have enough money."
Me - "You're such a friggin' Slapchop!"
Chris - "Wha'?"

Example 3
Eli - "Merry Chrisiless, No more Slapchop."
Me & James - "Yay!"
Eli - "By the way, I got you a Slapchop."
Me - "Shit. Bad Memories."
by nekogami June 24, 2010
Slang term for Chlamydia.
"Dude, I told you that chick at Mike's had the Slap Chop."
by WSUCoug787 February 09, 2010