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3 definitions by ERV

When a stripper on the stage looks at you with her legs spread and starts slapping her vagina with her hand like the "slap-chop" vegatable cutter on the infomercial.
Did you see that chick last night hittin her pussy like a fuckin "slap-chop"! Looked like she was trying to dice a whole bag of oinions
by ERV July 11, 2011
While engaging in doggystyle intercourse with your wife/girlfriend insert your thumb into your partners anus and work it in and out like an old school three wheeler thumb throttle.
Doing my lady last night from behind I pulled "the three wheeler" out on her!!!
by Erv February 14, 2010
The act of pleasuring your partner by inserting your index finger into her vagina while inserting your middle finger into her anus and licking her clitoris simultaniously.
My girl was pissed at me last night so I had to throw up the deuces in her to make it all better.
by ERV January 27, 2011