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The result of being smote over the head by a Giant, while at the same time attempting to jump-dodge the blow causing your character's corpse to fly uncontrollably high and automatically respawn 10 seconds later without even reaching the peak of the parabolic arc.
Evan though he tried to run, Jon got Skyrimmed hard.
by avatarmonkeykirby November 25, 2011
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Anally licking out your boyfriend/ girlfriend while they playing Skyrim.
'and then I skyrimmed her, it really helped her get through that boss battle...'
by addictedtodrpepper November 14, 2011
An act that leaves a consumer feeling as though they've just been anally raped and had $60.00 stolen from their wallet when a company knowingly sells them a faulty game or product.
Loading... Loading... Load... Lo What? Damn it I just got Skyrimmed.
by hunter328 January 30, 2012

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