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1. Living proof that evolution can reverse itself.

2. Proof that close-minded, ultra-conservative idiots should never be allowed on air.

3. The act of being completely and utterly wrong yet trying to "correct" and lambast someone who makes even the slightest sense.

4. The act of not being able to understand basic science and jumping to retarded conclusions (eg. Bill: "I do not understand why there are ocean tides. Therefore, God exists and anyone who disagrees is wrong.")

5. A republican nitwit that gives all republicans an even worse name than they already have.
Q) What do Bill O'Reilly and a jellyfish have in common?

A) They both have no brains, and their mouths are where their arseholes are too.
by whattheheckisapseudonym? November 22, 2011
A borderline-rapist from the book 'Twilight'. Has the ability to change into a 'pedo-wolf' at will (see 'fake-ass werewolf') and does not seem to own any shirts.

Jacob 'Pedo-wolf' Black falls in love with his bland ex-girlfriend's newborn hybrid demon spawn, Renesmee and plans to raise a litter of 'pedo-wolf-human-pires' with her in the near future.
person #1: "Look, that pedo is totally checking out that baby.

person #2: "You mean Jacob Black?"

person #1: "That's it! Damn, he's so creepy..."
by whattheheckisapseudonym? August 10, 2010
1. The greatest game in the history of mankind.
2. The most effective form of birth control to have ever been invented, the effects of which reportedly last around 300 hours.
3. An anti-depressant
4. An anti-social-life (I regret nothing)
If you want to keep your kids abstinent, give them a good computer and Skyrim. They will never leave their bedrooms again (for alternatives, see Oblivion and Morrowind).
by whattheheckisapseudonym? February 16, 2012
The 13 year old girl who sang the song Friday, which has gone completely viral on youtube.

The lyrics to the song Friday are pure artistic poetry that speak to the very core of the human soul. With eloquent lines such as,
"Gotta grab a bowl, gotta have cereal"
"Gotta make my mind up, which seat can I take?"
"Yesterday was Thursday, today it is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards"
"We we we so excited"
the lyrics marvel even the brilliance of Shakespeare himself.

Ah hell, I can't keep a straight face. Rebecca Black makes even Justin Bieber seem like Pavarotti.

In the truly abysmal music video, Rebecca Black and her 12 year old friends can apparently drive cars to late-night parties, with an appearance form an Usher look-alike who raps such poetry about following school buses and joining children at parties.

Not many people notice, but if you pause the video somewhere at the very start (during the fast-forwarded scene of the digital clock) you'll see that the time says 6:91am. Rebecca can even bend time itself.
Rebecca Black is an inspiration to all hopeful singers.
If she can make a record deal with this trash, so can you.
by whattheheckisapseudonym? March 19, 2011
The first meaning of the word 'Frodo' is: a vertically challenged protagonist of the book/movie trilogy, Lord of the Rings.

Frodo's sexual orientation is not yet confirmed, but it is widely believed that he is gay, due to the fact that he is on a higher level of friendship with his gardener, Samwise Gamgee, and they tend to do a lot of, well, not very straight things together.

So, the second meaning of the word 'Frodo': a vertically challenged gay man.

The plot of Lord of the Rings mainly revolves around Frodo having to throw an evil ring into a volcano called Mount Doom. Due to the ring's evil, Frodo eventually starts chucking hissy fits at Samwise, thus undangering their romantic relationship.

Frodo's constant and random outbursts leads to the third meaning of the word 'Frodo': a vertically challenged man on steroids.
1) Frodo Baggins is such an awesome character!

2) Oh my god! Those two midget guys are getting it on! They're such Frodos...

3) If you keep using steroids, you will become a Frodo.
by whattheheckisapseudonym? September 04, 2010
Edward Cullen (pronounced 'pedophile') is a sparkly, 117-year-old virgin sparklepire from the atrocious book/movie saga, Twilight.

He is the girlfri- I mean, boyfriend of the bland teenage Mary Sue, Bella Swan and the long-time rival of borderline-rapist, Jacob Black (see 'fake-ass werewolf').

His pastimes are sparkling, jumping around the woods and watching 17 year old girls sleep.
person #1: "I swear someone is in bedroom watching us... "

person #2: "Yeah, it's that pedophile, Edward Cullen."
by whattheheckisapseudonym? August 10, 2010
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