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Takes place when an innocent victim unknowingly enters an internet video call on a Skype date without knowing how the conversation will go. A combination of "Skype" and "rape". Often used when video chatting an unfamiliar person.
MJ: I'm supposed to do a Skype date tonight with this guy I met in class...

TO: Oh shit! Be careful, make sure to leave the light on so you don't get Skraped
by MaryJ11 January 26, 2011
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When you have been sexually violated via Skype through chat, phone call, video, or pictures. This is done by a 'skrapist' - someone who constantly talks to you sexually without your consent.
"Mate, I've just been skraped by him!"
"I've just been skraped"
by NashiOnna December 26, 2008
Skraped: derives from 'fraped,' in which one's facebook account is hacked and abused by a peer. To be 'Skraped' follows the same principle, with the exception that the program involved is the free internet chat/call application Skype, through which friends and family can communicate via instant messaging or telephone calls.

skraped is the combination of 'skype' and 'rape,' see 'fraped' for further info
B: Wanna have sex?

R: hahahaha k you are definitely being skraped.

B: Nah serious

R: Major Skrape
by loser2k10 December 09, 2010

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