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To go to sleep, while still on skype with a friend.
Trac: Are you going to sleep by yourself tonight?
Vu: Nah, I'm going to skeep with Christina
by Urbanmaster952 August 03, 2011
Cheap; Someone who says they owe you somthing and never give.
stan:dude im a skeep
Jon: i know
by doesntmatter2412412442 September 06, 2006
A combination of "Skeet" and "Sleep". Generally referring to the act of rubbing one out and falling asleep during or immediatly afterwards due to being tired as hell.
"Yesterday was a long ass day at work. I tried rubbing one out but ended up skeepin instead."
by ziah December 13, 2006
Skeep-the state of one being a cross between a shark and a sheep, or a skank and a sheep. Often ugly but verry fuckable if your drunk enough. Have the face of a sheep but will do you like a pornstar.
1. Bro dont go for that Skeep
2. Skeep's are good in bed but could you bring her home? Look at her face
3. Awh shit dude! Last night when I got drunk I slept with a total skeep and now she wont leave!
by BrettonB June 16, 2014
When the heart skeets and skips a beat
Boyfriend: I have something to tell you.
Girlfriend: Okay, what is it?
Boyfriend: I love you!
Girlfriend: I love you too!
Boyfriend: Baby, you just made my heart skeep!
by the ms. wiggles October 11, 2011
watching goatse while eating ravioli. mmmmmmmmmmmm
Hey dude did you see today?

No, why?

Dude I saw him fucking skeep yesterday!

by subduingmaster July 04, 2011
synonym of wet dream
to skeet in your sleep
wife: let's keep this one and put the other one back
husband: heh heh, you said skeep
by Matt Huff March 13, 2012