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To go to sleep, while still on skype with a friend.
Trac: Are you going to sleep by yourself tonight?
Vu: Nah, I'm going to skeep with Christina
by Urbanmaster952 August 03, 2011
17 7
Cheap; Someone who says they owe you somthing and never give.
stan:dude im a skeep
Jon: i know
by doesntmatter2412412442 September 06, 2006
42 33
A combination of "Skeet" and "Sleep". Generally referring to the act of rubbing one out and falling asleep during or immediatly afterwards due to being tired as hell.
"Yesterday was a long ass day at work. I tried rubbing one out but ended up skeepin instead."
by ziah December 13, 2006
27 25
When the heart skeets and skips a beat
Boyfriend: I have something to tell you.
Girlfriend: Okay, what is it?
Boyfriend: I love you!
Girlfriend: I love you too!
Boyfriend: Baby, you just made my heart skeep!
by the ms. wiggles October 11, 2011
3 5
synonym of wet dream
to skeet in your sleep
wife: let's keep this one and put the other one back
husband: heh heh, you said skeep
by Matt Huff March 13, 2012
1 5
watching goatse while eating ravioli. mmmmmmmmmmmm
Hey dude did you see today?

No, why?

Dude I saw him fucking skeep yesterday!

by subduingmaster July 04, 2011
4 9
Smokeless tabacco also known as "dip". The most popular brand is Skoal which has many flovors such as...Straight, Mint, Berry, Apple, Peach, and Vanilla. The word skeep was created at Watchung Hills Reg HS in New Jersey by VR.
Got Skeep?
Fo' Skeep!
Lets pack a skeeper!
by Mr. Skeep February 02, 2006
2 8