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A vile, selfish, miserable and overall bitchy person who habitually gossips about and hypocritically judges others. They are typically female and a part of a pack of Skankateers, who share their beliefs and dispositions and likely speak about each other in the same fashion.
Girl on phone: And can you believe that hoe Cassie talking about leaving her baby over her momma's house to go clubbing? She's a mother now. She can't be doing that shit anymore. And what money is she using to do it? She ain't got a job. Oh, let me call you back. That's her ass now. Hey Cassie!

Cassie: Hey! You wanna come with me to the club tonight?

Girl on phone: Hell yeah! We bout to turn up, girl! I just gotta get my brother to watch Naia for me. Hold on. Hey, Kevin! Do you mind watching Naia for me tonight?

Kevin: Why? Are you trying to meet up with the rest of the Skankateers?
by IndigoPhoenix21 July 16, 2014
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