someone who uses her own friends to gain popularity for herself by putting them down constantly, and whose ego is so large she hardly has room for the fish smell that dissipates from beneath her skirt.
That girl over there is known as a "Skank-a-saurus"
by Mc Lover Muffin August 20, 2007
A Skankasaurus is a skank, but on a much greater scale. A Skankasaurus is the godzilla of all sluts. They are often involved in sexual intercourse with many people.

If a girl tells you she is not a skank, but just sexually active, or that she is not a slut anymore than a manwhore is. Then they are most definately trying to hide their skankasarusness. Samantha Jones from sex and the city is the perfect example of an elderly skankasaurus.

A skankasaurus is good for one thing only... SEX
A: OMG Georgie is such a slut, she had sex with eight guys last night including your boyfriend.

B: Im going to kill that Skankasaurus
by Fish Milk February 07, 2011
The ultimate skank; a slutty skanky whore; different from a skankaroo yet more meaningful
Susan had an eightsome last night, ergo she is such a skankasaurus.
by skankytheskankar00 September 14, 2009
A whore; girl or boy who puts out...alot; seller of his/her own body
She sure is a skankasaurus.
by Anonymous March 24, 2003
A dirty doubs wakeboarding move when both members simulataneously double back flip and high five under the legs while crossing over, best performed after taking consecutive dirty doubs beer bongs and listening to dirty dubs
DUDE, lizzy & kyile and alexa & jackie just dirty doubed a skankasaurus at the same time
by shutthatbabyup November 14, 2011
The sluttiest sexually active dinosaur there ever was. Today this word is used to describe your common whore.
Roxanne: My God, Beth is such a skankasaurus.

Mel: I know , she probably has every STD know to man and some known to rainbow trout...
by JustMe56993 July 05, 2009
A person who is a little on the slutty side, and also very rude at the same time.
Lollipop! That guy is a skankasaurus, no doubt.
by Cwalton March 19, 2009

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