A girl who often trys to tell people what to do. Also randomly trash talks everyone around her, and later crys to them to get back the friends that feel sorry for her. Has no life whatsoever. Uses desperate emotional psychos just like her, for sexual intercourse.
There goes Gwen bitching again. She just never stops. What a skankasaurus!
by Steven Blowhard April 07, 2007
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The sluttiest sexually active dinosaur there ever was. Today this word is used to describe your common whore.
Roxanne: My God, Beth is such a skankasaurus.

Mel: I know , she probably has every STD know to man and some known to rainbow trout...
by JustMe56993 July 05, 2009
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n. Term used to describe a person, usually a girl, that tends to wear revealing clothes.
Angela Reese is a Skankasaurus
by Ben Dover November 12, 2004
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A dirty doubs wakeboarding move when both members simulataneously double back flip and high five under the legs while crossing over, best performed after taking consecutive dirty doubs beer bongs and listening to dirty dubs
DUDE, lizzy & kyile and alexa & jackie just dirty doubed a skankasaurus at the same time
by shutthatbabyup November 14, 2011
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