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The most amazing girl you could possible meet, may not think highly of herself but you certainly will :D
i've just met my Georgie
by Edizzle parrcizzle September 14, 2008
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An extremely cool girl with an extremely cool laugh. Loves Bacon.
Yo. Georgie's da bomb.
by Homie A November 26, 2003
She's funny, considerate, mean and hilarious. Not to mention beautiful inside and out. Sarcastic, loud, quiet, polite, one big contradiction!! Everyone loves/likes her. EVERYONE. If you don't, then theres seriously something wrong with you. Mine as well go kill yourself. Has nice booty. Anyway she is someone to respcet. Shes tight like that. Suck it.
Its not everyday I get to walk with pretty girls like you, Georgie.
by Inspecter Muffin August 18, 2010
A chick who is majorly hot but doesn't know it. A Georgie makes everyone crack up on a daily basis. And she's hot. Nice to everyone and smart too. And hot. An annoying lame-ass girl tries to bring her down sometimes, but she ignores her like a boss. And she's hot. She's one of the best people you'll ever meet. She's shy sometimes but guys like that about her. And she's hot. She never acts fake. She's hot, too. Once you meet Georgie you'll always remember her. Did I mention she's hot?
Dude you know a GEORGIE? LUCKY
by rlotts93 May 04, 2011
me,bloody fantastic name
hi whats ur name?
wow thats such a cool name i love it!
by georgie,der! April 08, 2004
She is a kind, carin, considerate, selfless and respectable person. Not to mention she is incredibly sexy! She thinks nothing of herself, though everyone else tells her against what she thinks everyday. She is smart, random, amazing and over all, she is just an angel. No words can describe her properly. I love you georgie, and i always will. <3
If you find a Georgie, never let her go. If you lose her, try with all your being to get her back. she is the best thing that will ever happen to you.
by Your_True_Love :D September 19, 2011
my gorgeous little baby that i will love forever.
i love u lots gg
by her lil sis April 04, 2004

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