a little bitch who sucks too much black dick and fucks down syndrome kids.
that little skank took little timmy the retard to the back of the school and fucked him.
by ghettofabbb April 01, 2009
a word used to describe when a friend or person has let you down or not turned up to me you
did you go and meet your mate at the pub? "no he skanked me out"

or if this happend regulary you may say "he's such a skank"
by simon porter November 16, 2007
Feminine: a girl or woman who persents imorality, a disreguard for civilized ways, hedonisic behaviors that lowers her value.
Paris Hilton gives new demension to The Complete, Total, Skank
by Ffaattmmaann June 16, 2007
A derogatory term usually used to describe females like Zeina Rahouma/ladyboy/forbiddenfruit and any other name she or any other person chooses to categorize her under.
*teacher in class taking attendance*
Teacher: Skank
Skank: Present!
by Mohsenovich September 07, 2014
one who smokes like a chimney, has tattooes, drinks abusively, and shows adept skills at playing pool (or any activity involving a pool table).

optinal: imposing breasts and a disturbing preference for donkey "sausage"...
who's that girl that was surrounded by smoke as she was downing beer when she was lying on the pool table with her tits hanging out?
oh. skank. it's her nickname... forgot her actual one.
by valsasalsachestnut June 05, 2009
her name is ANNA she responds to the name slut and will give a hand job to any guy who gives her the time of day
just look for anyone with giant boobs and an ugly boyfriend. she'll probably be pregnant before she turns 17 because she's a skank
by shiesty_one October 13, 2008
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