American spacehopper look alike with shit hair.
Oh my god look at her she's so fat she's like a spacehopper, what a skank!
by Hutmeister. July 07, 2011
a female cat
Your skank has been rubbing all up on my leg all day!
by bobbert87 October 22, 2010
A type of beat played on the drums consisting of fast alternating snare/bass drum pattern with a half time cymbal pattern played overtop. When a skank beat goes over 200bpm it is then known as a blast beat
George Kollias has some great examples of how to go from a Skank Beat to a Blast Beat
by bombblast270 February 28, 2010
A skank is a persistently vile person, someone who doesn't accept they are in the wrong. Normally a man hating individual who exagerrates pointless arguements.

Is also another word used to describe a retarded wench. A skank is not a Playboy Bunny. That is merely an illusion.
"OMG look at that whore with the playboy bunny ears, she is such a skank, I bet she doesn't wash"

"That woman walking down the street in a thong is such a skank"

"There's a fully clothed naked woman running down the street, kill this skank before she promotes porn to youngsters!"
by Oh_Deear February 22, 2010
a rotten, conniving, lying, despicable person whose sole purpose in life is hurting others.
I once had a supervisor who was a total skank. I hope he croaks.
by maverickdallas November 04, 2009
A slut or whore who also has an STD
Dude don't fuck that girl, she's a skank.
by Jew_Killer November 02, 2009
a female girl who takes pictures of her tits and makes them their facebook profile picture
"Comment on my new profile picutre!"

by dadirty October 06, 2009

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