a word used to describe when a friend or person has let you down or not turned up to me you
did you go and meet your mate at the pub? "no he skanked me out"

or if this happend regulary you may say "he's such a skank"
by simon porter November 16, 2007
A derogatory term usually used to describe females like Zeina Rahouma/ladyboy/forbiddenfruit and any other name she or any other person chooses to categorize her under.
*teacher in class taking attendance*
Teacher: Skank
Skank: Present!
by Mohsenovich September 07, 2014
1) An unappealing female*, either due to sexual promiscuity, horrible taste in clothing/hair, or generally slutty presentation of self.

2) A dance popularized by Ska lovers in the 1980s.

3) A bandana worn around the neck by punks in Southern California. Usually used to wipe sweat/blood/vomit/etc off the face after a show or a night of particularly good sex.

*may be used to describe gay males derogatorially, or hetero males ironically.
1) That girl in the caked on makeup is such a skank.

2) Skank dancing is so much fun!

4) His skank was supposed to be blue, but it had turned a dark grey from his years of wearing it without washing.
by gwynfshae June 04, 2011
a nasty girl, usuallly goes by the name of Erica June....or Autumn...wait, what season was it...or maybe it was a month. Anyway, overall skank.
Hey Skank!

Wasn't that Erica....?
by a-waltttt May 22, 2011
a female cat
Your skank has been rubbing all up on my leg all day!
by bobbert87 October 22, 2010
Worthy enough to insert one's penis in, but not worthy enough for human decency.
"Scrub away the skank, with (popular shower gel aimed at young men)." -- Popular men's hygiene product brand.
by JoJoAngry October 02, 2010
A skank is a persistently vile person, someone who doesn't accept they are in the wrong. Normally a man hating individual who exagerrates pointless arguements.

Is also another word used to describe a retarded wench. A skank is not a Playboy Bunny. That is merely an illusion.
"OMG look at that whore with the playboy bunny ears, she is such a skank, I bet she doesn't wash"

"That woman walking down the street in a thong is such a skank"

"There's a fully clothed naked woman running down the street, kill this skank before she promotes porn to youngsters!"
by Oh_Deear February 22, 2010

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