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American spacehopper look alike with shit hair.
Oh my god look at her she's so fat she's like a spacehopper, what a skank!
by Hutmeister. July 07, 2011
A cooler and less intence way of saying slut.
Girl1: God, she's such a slut!
Girl2: That's harsh, i'd say shes a skank
by Welcome2urLife August 23, 2009
One who opens their mouth and their legs too much.
That girl Savanna is the biggest SKANK in Conroe!
by MaryJaneBlount May 01, 2008
Late, lamented, dirty, perfect 1980s videogame arcade in Warwick, RI, officially known as "D.G.'s Arcade."

See also "Trump Skanks" (relocated version, decidely less skanky, also defunct).
"You wanna hit Skanks this afternoon for some Darius? Leave Finn home, he's ass madness."

"Why is it called Skanks? Because all the skanks hang out there."
by *The* Tank June 28, 2007
Also becoming comming in New Zealand as a definition of any person being easy to have sexual relations with.
That gay guy Micheal is such a skank, he'll do anyone
by Lorry July 10, 2005
A bandana worn by a homeless/wanderpunk/trainhopper/gutterpunk... it is never washed and used as a rag for anything and everything.
You washed my skank? Its yours now.
by wanderlus¥ April 13, 2014
1) To skank-verb-A dance that is preformed to ska, usually involving kicking your legs, and moving your arms.

2)A term commmonly used to refer to a whore/slut. Eg. "Look at that girl, she looks like a skank."

3)When you inhale Marijuana.

4)In Nottingham it is mostly used as 'mean' or 'unfair'. Eg. "Arr thats skank!"
by TinyTara January 07, 2012