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a female girl who takes pictures of her tits and makes them their facebook profile picture
"Comment on my new profile picutre!"

by dadirty October 06, 2009
One who opens their mouth and their legs too much.
That girl Savanna is the biggest SKANK in Conroe!
by MaryJaneBlount May 01, 2008
A dance to be preformed to ska, usually involving alternately puting each foot forward while lifting the knee, and then moving each foot back. The person keeps the elbows bent, and puts the hands into fists. While the use of arms and hands is possible, the focus remains on the movement and bending of the legs. This allows musicians to dance while using their arms for playing instruments. The previous is done better in large numbers in a circular fashion by preference in a "ska pit" or other dance halls. When done in a proper way the area in the middle of the circle is called "rest" where people can stand.

There are unspoken rules to skanking such as immediately helping up others who fall down and holding up lost articles of clothing (usually shoes and hats) to be claimed by their owners. Although skanking is an energetic dance and accidents occur frequently, deliberate aggression is looked down and considered amateurish by ska lovers examplified by the Mustard Plug song Skank by Numbers:

We don't want to see you slammin' in the pit, NO! We don't want to see
our girlfriends kicked, NO! We just want to see you movin' faster and
faster, to the beat of the super ska master. Phonys like to slam to
the beat of ska, we're not against that, but for us there's more. To
dance with us you needn't act like a jerk, skankin's meant for fun,
not for getting hurt!
The Busters say: Skank Down! from the song with the same name.
by Fernando Villanea March 22, 2007
Referance to any girl who is easy and has loose morals among other things. A guy with a dirty dick.
April, Brooke and Katie are all skanks because they all wanted to fuck my skanky ass boyfriend.
by Alison And Laura March 12, 2004
A few Skank's live in Port Richey Florida. All about me.. me... me... But a requirement of them all - no education... no car.... Let's just get drunk, do drugs, lie, cheat, and steal.... let's just use folks! And all love to fights and thinks they are right and so loves to drone folks.
Let's sneak and drone his phone - why - cause I'm a Skank!
by Skank's live in Port Richey Fl September 21, 2014
Shelby Rae Meads
Shelby Meads is a total Skank!!!!!!
by Rod Wrangler December 02, 2011
someone who is ugly. super ugly. a female. and she dates guys that she doesn't deserve. guys that are younger than her. she has a name, that starts with an S, and ends with an A. she's totally a skank, guys.
Samantha is such a skank.
by fgohuiewrghb34ligre. July 26, 2011