Quite simply, an unattractive slut. (A female who is both promiscuous and unattractive.)
That ugly chick will sleep with anyone. Total Skank.
by Sketcher77777 September 26, 2010
One who opens their mouth and their legs too much.
That girl Savanna is the biggest SKANK in Conroe!
by MaryJaneBlount May 01, 2008
A girl wearing tight pajama pants who carries her purse everywhere, for example: to take a dump, to watch TV, and to sex. First impressions tell you that she rides horses, has a yeast infection, and regularly sexes the English professor, while still remaining a virgin. Also, she has a very broad face and chafed thighs.
Sharon, what a skank! I smell her va-jay-jay all the way over here!
by Olivia and Marla January 15, 2008
1) n. a slutty girl
2) v. to dance, kicking the feet forward and swinging the arms, usually to the beat of a ska song
3) v. to sneak or steal on the sly
1) That skank Rachel lap-danced for three different guys - simultaneously.
2) At the concert, we skanked to our favorite song.
3) When I wasn't looking, my sister skanked my cell phone.
by jklh;asfd March 04, 2006
person that sleeps around, with everyone or anyone they can find.
zoe: im such a skank i want you (a random guy) inside of me, good luck finding the hole.

Random guy: sure skank ill bring the condom so i dont get stds
by missbitchtoyoubaby August 12, 2009
a little bitch who sucks too much black dick and fucks down syndrome kids.
that little skank took little timmy the retard to the back of the school and fucked him.
by ghettofabbb April 01, 2009
a word used to describe when a friend or person has let you down or not turned up to me you
did you go and meet your mate at the pub? "no he skanked me out"

or if this happend regulary you may say "he's such a skank"
by simon porter November 16, 2007

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