Feminine: a girl or woman who persents imorality, a disreguard for civilized ways, hedonisic behaviors that lowers her value.
Paris Hilton gives new demension to The Complete, Total, Skank
by Ffaattmmaann June 16, 2007
1) n. a slutty girl
2) v. to dance, kicking the feet forward and swinging the arms, usually to the beat of a ska song
3) v. to sneak or steal on the sly
1) That skank Rachel lap-danced for three different guys - simultaneously.
2) At the concert, we skanked to our favorite song.
3) When I wasn't looking, my sister skanked my cell phone.
by jklh;asfd March 04, 2006
SKA, SKA and more SKA, the greates music in the world... skanking is a high energy, sweat the night away, awsom dance!
We went to see Flip the Switch in consert and we totly skanked to the awsom ska beat!

"we were skankin at a club and I bumped in to you... ska baby" from FTS song Ska baby.
by Asher October 03, 2004
a women with loose morals and probably without knickers...
man, tania is such a skank she was bobbing up and down in the back of a car with 4 guys and a video camera.....
by kelli January 26, 2004
'80s Ska dance. Performed at Ska shows.
Your mother loves to dance the Skank.
by Jen February 01, 2003
Past tense of a skunk. The skunk that was.
Rebecca is such a skank.
by gracebee January 27, 2015
American spacehopper look alike with shit hair.
Oh my god look at her she's so fat she's like a spacehopper, what a skank!
by Hutmeister. July 07, 2011

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