Derogatory name for a female implying promiscuity and an addiction to cock.

If it takes you longer than 5 dates to shag a skank you are obviously a small dicked, 2 pumps and a squirt loser.
Have you seen that Rach bird - she is a pure skank. Always puts out on or before the fifth date. We call her five date Rach.
by Phil Norris April 16, 2008
Quite simply, an unattractive slut. (A female who is both promiscuous and unattractive.)
That ugly chick will sleep with anyone. Total Skank.
by Sketcher77777 September 26, 2010
A girl wearing tight pajama pants who carries her purse everywhere, for example: to take a dump, to watch TV, and to sex. First impressions tell you that she rides horses, has a yeast infection, and regularly sexes the English professor, while still remaining a virgin. Also, she has a very broad face and chafed thighs.
Sharon, what a skank! I smell her va-jay-jay all the way over here!
by Olivia and Marla January 15, 2008
1) n. a slutty girl
2) v. to dance, kicking the feet forward and swinging the arms, usually to the beat of a ska song
3) v. to sneak or steal on the sly
1) That skank Rachel lap-danced for three different guys - simultaneously.
2) At the concert, we skanked to our favorite song.
3) When I wasn't looking, my sister skanked my cell phone.
by jklh;asfd March 04, 2006
Worthy enough to insert one's penis in, but not worthy enough for human decency.
"Scrub away the skank, with (popular shower gel aimed at young men)." -- Popular men's hygiene product brand.
by JoJoAngry October 02, 2010
person that sleeps around, with everyone or anyone they can find.
zoe: im such a skank i want you (a random guy) inside of me, good luck finding the hole.

Random guy: sure skank ill bring the condom so i dont get stds
by missbitchtoyoubaby August 12, 2009
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