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one who smokes like a chimney, has tattooes, drinks abusively, and shows adept skills at playing pool (or any activity involving a pool table).

optinal: imposing breasts and a disturbing preference for donkey "sausage"...
who's that girl that was surrounded by smoke as she was downing beer when she was lying on the pool table with her tits hanging out?
oh. skank. it's her nickname... forgot her actual one.
by valsasalsachestnut June 05, 2009
9 6
The act of leaving one party to attend a party with higher importance.
Dude, let's skank this party, it sucks wicked balls.
by DonHonesto March 02, 2009
10 7
SKA, SKA and more SKA, the greates music in the world... skanking is a high energy, sweat the night away, awsom dance!
We went to see Flip the Switch in consert and we totly skanked to the awsom ska beat!

"we were skankin at a club and I bumped in to you... ska baby" from FTS song Ska baby.
by Asher October 03, 2004
70 67
Quite simply, an unattractive slut. (A female who is both promiscuous and unattractive.)
That ugly chick will sleep with anyone. Total Skank.
by Sketcher77777 September 26, 2010
7 5
a little bitch who sucks too much black dick and fucks down syndrome kids.
that little skank took little timmy the retard to the back of the school and fucked him.
by ghettofabbb April 01, 2009
12 10
a women with loose morals and probably without knickers...
man, tania is such a skank she was bobbing up and down in the back of a car with 4 guys and a video camera.....
by kelli January 26, 2004
19 17
American spacehopper look alike with shit hair.
Oh my god look at her she's so fat she's like a spacehopper, what a skank!
by Hutmeister. July 07, 2011
2 1