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Sizz- noun
A fond shortening of the nick-name Sizzle. Used to show endearment towards the nick-named person. It is derived from its ebonic root word "Sizzle", meaning sister.
"When will Sizz be ariving?"
"Where is Sizz? I have missed her since she went up north."
"I can't wait to go over to Sizz's house and watch OTH."
by Emers and Megals June 03, 2008
noun: Oxycontin or black tar heroin, when free-based off of aluminum foil. Refers to the sizzling sound the drug makes as it is heated on foil.
verb: The act of free-basing Oxycontin or black tar heroin. Often "sizz out".
"Hey man, have you seen my sizz lying around anywhere? I can't find it and I want to do some before I go the the DMV."

"You trying to sizz out right now? I've got a little left, you can rip it if you hit me back tomorrow."
by be ma honey 808 November 04, 2009
slang for two woman "scissoring", the lesbian act of two woman spreading their legs apart to create two "scissors", and then grinding their genitals together to achieve mutual sexual stimulation.

while it is theorized that it is possible to create a "trip sizz", a three person scissor, it is debated by many experts weather this technically qualifies as scissoring do to the troubles that arise in attempting to make triple contact.
"OMG!! I would sizz the shizz outta her!!!!"


A-"hey i'm one gonna try to hook up with the new girl."

B-"but i think she's straight, she had a boyfriend."

A-"pfff, SO! ya aint gotta be gizz ta sizz !!!!"
by P-Schlong September 09, 2009
Another name for something that is a faggot, or fag
A fag walks up to you and says,"What up?"
You say....Sizz kid
by Big B December 10, 2003
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