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Verb implying an "accident" or having wet yourself.
Leaves a wet spot on pants, and if left alone often brings a not so good odor where ever you go.
Also, the the wet spot is not always clear, and the "I spilled water on myself" doesn't always work on yellow stains.
After Scary Movie

Dude: Dude you just sizzed!

Girl: Not again!
by You Fart? July 06, 2011
to be high on marijuana, after ripping a large bong to hard, to the extent that you experience mild hallucinations.
*Girl rips a bong*
Guy: "Hey, what is she doing?"
Girl: *Looking anxiously at her arms* "Ohhh shit! I have bear arms...I should take my coat off, but I can't. I'm soooooo sizzed."
Guy: "You're ok. Here, rip this bong again."
THC weed bong high cashed eyes lit blown baked toasted fried
by ataraxiaaa May 03, 2011
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