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a genius game made by electronic arts, (not maxis)which, after long periods of play, replaces your own life with the life of blocky people who you control. one of the best games ever, and statistically one of the best selling computer games ever.
the sims is an awesome game.
by jdunmer1018 March 09, 2005
one who searches county fairs, bowling alleys, and several hoosier states (i'm using hoosier as an adjective) for people with mullets.
at camp, my friends and i have a scoring system for mullet hunting.
by jdunmer1018 March 09, 2005
a form of homework which is less than desirable, and often large numbers are expected when it is inconcievable how the hell you are going to do it all in one night.
i'm working on notecards. i have to have 50 by tomorrow. i'm not kidding.
by jdunmer1018 March 09, 2005
one who enjoys pain being done to themselves and others. people like these are slitters, sadists, etc.
the sado masochist loved the monster truck destruction derby, especially when he jumped in front of the cars.
by jdunmer1018 March 09, 2005
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