Greatest show ever that should be on Twenty-Four seven, and people who spell it s-i-m-s-o-n-s are posers.
The Simpsons is the greatest show ever created.
by Tom Golashovsky September 09, 2003
a particularly fantabulus show which shall always be remembered as he show that never sold out and made a movie
I like the simpsons
by cailín beag June 21, 2003
The #1 cartoon. Simsons are better than south park. And the simsons are still funny!
by ALo July 03, 2003
An alternate name for Orange Juice breakfast beverage. Inspired by the infamous NFL Hall of Famer.
Could you pick some Simpson on your way home? We're all out.
by Ralph McGregor May 29, 2008
A show that used to be hilarious, but has started to suck shit in the last 3 or 4 season, when the episodes made no sense and became like every other show on Fox.
Damn, turn the simpsons off, Family Guy/South Park is on.
by Matt January 25, 2004
he is an important man of the world, may be a playboy a maltese popular man and one li huwa abz xD
by simposins February 06, 2008
the act of pulling off the sale of a service contract, an mvp membership, and a pre-order all in one transaction by any GameCrazy employee nationwide. The name comes from the infamous Mike Simpson, the original hustling gangster.
I just got a Simpson! Suckers!
by Cali C March 27, 2008

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