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The greatest show in the history of telivision.
Turn that war bullshit off, the Simpsons are on.
by jason June 02, 2003
A once wonderfully intellegent show full of satire and wit, now sold out to the stupidity of loyal fans who know, deep down in their hearts that the Simpsons have died and have been replaced with bullshit.
Daaamn girr'l, you still watch that shit?
by Dan April 04, 2004
Easily the best show on tv with nothing coming close. Easily the best character on tv, Homer Simpson with Peter from Family Guy is close.
There are way to many quotes to write
by D'oh March 07, 2005
A cool and funny tv-show that features people with yellow skin.The show is created by Matt Groening and the main characters are Homer,Marge,Lisa,EL BARTO (aka: Bart) and Maggie. Other Characters include:
Grandpa sinpson,Proffeser Frink,Moe ,Lenny, Carl, Nelson, Milhouse ,Santa`s Little helper, Snowball II,Crazy cat lady Chief wiggum, Apu,Docter Hibbert ,Ralph,Mrs Krabbapple,Principle Skinner,Comic book guy, Spider pig/Harry Plopper and last but not least Selma and Patty.
Glad That`s over! :)
Best Tv Show 4 Life!

Go Simpsons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Beaconetric October 15, 2007
A family of insane suburbanites with ping-pong ball eyes and,apparently, bad cases of jaundice.
There's something happenin' up at the old Simpson place!
by Lord Malshun March 16, 2005
The funniest and most Coolest Show EVER made. its now in its 15th Season and garunteed to run until its 20th.
The Simpsons are the BEAST
by Brother Number One October 03, 2003
A very funny tv show with great games and merchandise.

Simpsons made me break the window (because of laghing so hard)
by Snowswipes June 05, 2007