a derogatory term made popular amongst USAF Security Forces members. SILVERBACK is used to describe certain Senior Non-Comissioned Officers who exhibit the following character traits...

1. Ignorance.

2. Severe mental retardation.

3. Over-exposure to Newport cigarettes and Colt .45 malt liquor.

4. Primate intelligence.

5. Forget the last one. I mean not to disrespect primates.

6. The mental capacity of a WELCOME MAT.

7. Again, disregard last. Allow me to apologize to the WELCOME MATs.

8. Consistantly and proudly displays the "do as I say and not as I do" attitude.

9. Has never been on a REAL deployment, yet tells subordinates who have deployed that they need to do their part.

10. Any subordinates a SILVERBACK has most likely wishes him dead.
SILVERBACK: "How ya'll doin'? Where's yo' AIRMAN'S MANUAL?"

Airman 1: (whispering): "Look at this crunchy-black mother fucker. Why is he such an asshole?"

Airman 2: (whispering): "I don't know. It's not like he's done anything since he's been in. He's never even been to the AOR."

#asshole #ignorant #primate #retard #failure
by Shanananana57 February 03, 2010
Top Definition
A term used to describe the larger "buck" or bigger undomesticated black male. Usually a parolee because his larger size from regular meals and lifting weights.
While on patrol in South Central: "Did you see the size of that silverback holding the 40?"
by Mike Sarno October 16, 2003
Slang term for a very large "ape like" black male.
Dude, check out that silver back. I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley.
by Recon1172 May 25, 2005
This term is derived from the actual description of an older male gorilla. A Silverback in the slang sense is an older man who hits on or dates much younger women; he is the male version of a "Cougar".
A group of Silverbacks, drunk after their buddy's 50th birthday party, adjusted their toupées and entered the college bar to try to pick up girls.
#gorilla #cougar #mid-life crisis #men #women
by Free Range Messiah July 15, 2010
When a man , especially when he's with his female, turns his back on another male to show he is not in the least intimidated.

Like the silver backed gorilla - The Alpha male may mate with all the Alpha females & has first pick of food. When a guy shows his superiority over another male by daring to turn his back towards the other.
Stella: "Did you see Brian silver back that crazy, huge German last night? I thought I was going to have a heart-attack."

Harry: "It's a man thing - that guy was really askin' for it." "Don't underestimate Brian, he's not afraid of shit, anywhere. He's a sleeper in strength, lighting fast, & he's got endurance." "Notice that idiot calmed down after Brian silver backed him?"

Stella: "Yeah he did. I guess you're right."
#superiority #not intimidated #alpha #alpha male #gorilla #silverbacked.
by tvbaybe February 16, 2010
Noun; A distinguished older male, one whom is hunted by younger women. A true rarity. Typically older than the age of 40. Salt and Pepper in color. One of the most interesting of species. Male version of a Cougar.
Rita: "Dennis Quaid is a total Silverback..!"

Darnell: "Gross! He's got salt and pepper nuts!"
#gorilla #manther #mooger #mougar #wildebeast #grizzly #wolverine #gray balls #silver panther
by bluetaurus September 03, 2010
The male version of "Cougar", the Silver-Back is an older Alpha-male who is wealthy, stylish, and on the hunt for a younger trophy bride or girlfriend.
The girls are on the lookout for a Silver-Back to buy them shots at the bar tonight.
#cougar #silverback #silver back #sliverback #sugardaddy
by silverback player August 31, 2009
A douchebag of immense size and exceptionally limited intelligence, so called as he is often leading a group of similarly ill-tempered proto-humans, which often results in displays of aggression. Physical descriptions vary over time due to the fascinating lack of taste amongst the sub-species (though one common trait seems to be the love of male necklaces know as "chains"); the modern variation of the silverback is distinguishable by the sloping forehead, stench of day old AXE cologne, fake bake, and gym membership swipe key; he is recently known to wear Ed Hardy clothing.
"I was in the club last night when some silverback drove me off the bar."

"Gotta watch my step... my girlfriend's ex is a silverback."

The emotional and intellectual antithesis of a gentleman.
#gorilla #douchebag #gentleman #asshole #ed hardy
by KeenTrager August 24, 2010
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