To “go silverback”: to fly into an intense and sudden rage which might involve contortions of the face, grimaces, a roar of anger and raised fists. After attacking and at least attempting to land a few punches, the rage recedes and the person often goes in a subdued and slightly embarrassed silence.
When he found out I’d slept with his girlfriend, Andy went silverback on my ass.

All I said was that I thought her sister was cute and she went totally silverback
by DrunkenChris February 05, 2007
Slang term referring to women between 50-65. Generally
used to refer to the stage after "Cougar". So called due to
the grey or silvery hair at this age.
I like silver backs. They are so grateful when you fuck 'em.
by Way More Awesomer March 09, 2008
The male equivalent of a cougar. Usually in their late thirties, successful, well-dressed, with cash to spend. May have a group of females that hang around for free drinks. As Chris Rock eloquently stated, "Not that old...just a little too old to be in the club."
"I tried to get that gal's number but that silverback swooped in with a bottle of Moet and wrecked my flow."
by Jay Claytor September 23, 2007
a state of mind where a person loses all human inhibitions and becomes a silverback gorilla. this is usually triggered when the potential silverback is subjected to intense clownage. indications of this phenomenon include a gorilla looking face and body and movement using all four limbs. extra body hair may appear and the silverback may slur some obscenties and make vulgar gestures. the phase only lasts about one minute, after that the silverback starts to laugh as though trying to play it off. also used as simply 'silver'. the first documented case of silverback was Geoff Hynson at Purdue University.
Oh shit! Geoff's about to go silverback on our ass!
Watch out, that bitch is known to go silver.
by Love Boat October 16, 2005
A Silver back is a large black male who has a white wife.

Ex. Terrance is married to his white wife Elizabeth.

Look at that Silver back walking around with our women.
by Josh and Jordan September 14, 2006
Named for the Silver Backed Gorilla, it is a sexual maneuver in which a man, having already orgasmed, jumps up and runs across the room. Once there he lays a turd in his hand and proceeds to fling poo at the female while making monkey sounds and jumping up and down.
That skany ho over there was the one who graciously accepted my Silver Back.
by dan.gr8 April 12, 2005
Street gang leader, The Alpha male or dominant person in the group. A large person acting like a wild animal.
The silverback was so loud and uncontrollable he was about to start a riot
by bomo July 08, 2004

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