The act of dominating someone or a situation by the use of testostorone flowing through your sack. Use brute force and sensless aggression. The origin of this word comes from silverback gorillas, who are extremley aggressive.
Invented by Daniel Rosch, 2011
Alex and Danny are trying to move a couch into a narrow doorway, and it won't fit. Alex just decides to shove (silverback) the couch into the door-frame. Its completly successful. "Dude you totally silverbacked that shit."

Danny is having girl problems. She is abusive and is trying to control every aspect in his life. Alex says "Dude you gotta take control of the situation. You gotta silverback that bitch. "
by swag4life April 17, 2011
Of unknown origin, a term frequently used by Western males in South Korea to refer to their Western female counterparts. The term refers only to caucasian females, and probably derives from the term used to describe a male gorilla with a back that grays with age.
A: I had sex last night. I'm finally off the slide.
B: Nice work! Native (Korean) or silverback?
A: Silverback.
B: Canadian?
A: Of course.
by seouledout October 11, 2010
when you collect your semen in your hand and covertly wipe it on someones back... in public.
While Jon Lee was finishing his burger at McDonalds, we went to the bathroom, came back, and double silverbacked him!
by Dennis Schaeffer July 19, 2010
Silverback is when a mentally retarded person gets furiously enraged and gains superhuman strength.
The retard was so enraged that his ketchup wasn't a turtle, that he went silverback and flipped the entire table over.
by NorCal GuNz June 19, 2011
An older man who frequents clubs in order to score with any woman. The silverback will usually make passes at any woman using bad pickup lines until he is able to find one that accepts, usually due to severe alcohol consumption.
Ew, that silverback just tried to hit on me, he's old enough to be my dad.
by mphasize July 31, 2009
an older african american male. because just like the actual species, it's pretty rare to see one alive and in the wild.
if you plan to go to Roscoe's Chicken on a weekend, either get there early or be prepared to have to fight your way through swaths of silverbacks if you want any waffles.
by elduderino01 January 07, 2009
a creature/(not entirely sure) with silver skin on the back of the neck that wears baby blue shorts in the middle of winter. It has a crazy foot tapping ability at a frequency of 1500 meters. Its mating call for the Ugma is muscle spasms in all four limbs and a yawn.
The Silverback is picking the silver off its elbows and replacing its cuticles with lead.
by Meters May 21, 2009

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