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A term used to describe the larger "buck" or bigger undomesticated black male. Usually a parolee because his larger size from regular meals and lifting weights.
While on patrol in South Central: "Did you see the size of that silverback holding the 40?"
by Mike Sarno October 16, 2003
Slang term for a very large "ape like" black male.
Dude, check out that silver back. I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley.
by Recon1172 May 25, 2005
This term is derived from the actual description of an older male gorilla. A Silverback in the slang sense is an older man who hits on or dates much younger women; he is the male version of a "Cougar".
A group of Silverbacks, drunk after their buddy's 50th birthday party, adjusted their toupées and entered the college bar to try to pick up girls.
by Free Range Messiah July 15, 2010
When a man , especially when he's with his female, turns his back on another male to show he is not in the least intimidated.

Like the silver backed gorilla - The Alpha male may mate with all the Alpha females & has first pick of food. When a guy shows his superiority over another male by daring to turn his back towards the other.
Stella: "Did you see Brian silver back that crazy, huge German last night? I thought I was going to have a heart-attack."

Harry: "It's a man thing - that guy was really askin' for it." "Don't underestimate Brian, he's not afraid of shit, anywhere. He's a sleeper in strength, lighting fast, & he's got endurance." "Notice that idiot calmed down after Brian silver backed him?"

Stella: "Yeah he did. I guess you're right."
by tvbaybe February 16, 2010
Noun; A distinguished older male, one whom is hunted by younger women. A true rarity. Typically older than the age of 40. Salt and Pepper in color. One of the most interesting of species. Male version of a Cougar.
Rita: "Dennis Quaid is a total Silverback..!"

Darnell: "Gross! He's got salt and pepper nuts!"
by bluetaurus September 03, 2010
A douchebag of immense size and exceptionally limited intelligence, so called as he is often leading a group of similarly ill-tempered proto-humans, which often results in displays of aggression. Physical descriptions vary over time due to the fascinating lack of taste amongst the sub-species (though one common trait seems to be the love of male necklaces know as "chains"); the modern variation of the silverback is distinguishable by the sloping forehead, stench of day old AXE cologne, fake bake, and gym membership swipe key; he is recently known to wear Ed Hardy clothing.
"I was in the club last night when some silverback drove me off the bar."

"Gotta watch my step... my girlfriend's ex is a silverback."

The emotional and intellectual antithesis of a gentleman.
by KeenTrager August 24, 2010
A sexual move where the male bangs a female from behind, and when he climaxes he shoots the load on her back, then immediately grabs her shoulders and violently shakes her while screaming like a silver back gorilla.
Guy 1: Did you bang that chic last night?
Guy 2: Yeah i Silver Backed her!!!!!
by Ason J Nderson A May 14, 2010
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