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When one takes a hit of marijuana so large the resulting cough sounds as if one is participating in the breakdown of a mid-1980's rap.
"Dan hit that J like it was 1986 - started beatboxing."
"That bong hit made Dan sound like he was recording an album with Doug E. Fresh he was beatboxing so bad."
by KeenTrager January 27, 2012
A douchebag of immense size and exceptionally limited intelligence, so called as he is often leading a group of similarly ill-tempered proto-humans, which often results in displays of aggression. Physical descriptions vary over time due to the fascinating lack of taste amongst the sub-species (though one common trait seems to be the love of male necklaces know as "chains"); the modern variation of the silverback is distinguishable by the sloping forehead, stench of day old AXE cologne, fake bake, and gym membership swipe key; he is recently known to wear Ed Hardy clothing.
"I was in the club last night when some silverback drove me off the bar."

"Gotta watch my step... my girlfriend's ex is a silverback."

The emotional and intellectual antithesis of a gentleman.
by KeenTrager August 24, 2010

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