The original iPhone (1st generation) with the aluminum "silver" back. Sometime sought after specifically because of the vintage factor. Other times still in use because owner can't afford a new iPhone.
John: I heard that Josh got an iPhone.
Jake: Yeah he did, but it's a silverback.
John: Lol his parents must be cheap!
by Jaswitzer97 June 06, 2013
The term used for an older, well-established gay man that preys on younger gay men. Often solitary, but can be found with a harem of young 20-something males (twinks) at some clubs. Usually drives a european import and wears designer labels. Similar to a "Cougar".
Cullen was completely ravaged by that Silverback last weekend!
by Mike Weston September 14, 2010
1. Gym/Sports Jargon; any strong or very athletic male above the usual age. usually above 45.

2. Gym/Sports jargon; a male who is significantly stonger than he may seem, with great endurance. See also Beast Def 10.
Guy1: who is that guy, killing us out on the field it's only flag football

Guy2: oh the silverback? that's my grandfather, you should see him in the gym.
by RufusG March 02, 2010
Ejaculating on the small of a woman's back after intercourse, it should be doggy style, then taking a hand full of silver glitter and throw it on her back so it sticks to the semen, thus creating a silverback.
what are you doing today?
i have to go to the store and get some more silver glitter so i can silverback mary jane tonight.
by A-stotle March 22, 2009
The act of dominating someone or a situation by the use of testostorone flowing through your sack. Use brute force and sensless aggression. The origin of this word comes from silverback gorillas, who are extremley aggressive.
Invented by Daniel Rosch, 2011
Alex and Danny are trying to move a couch into a narrow doorway, and it won't fit. Alex just decides to shove (silverback) the couch into the door-frame. Its completly successful. "Dude you totally silverbacked that shit."

Danny is having girl problems. She is abusive and is trying to control every aspect in his life. Alex says "Dude you gotta take control of the situation. You gotta silverback that bitch. "
by swag4life April 17, 2011
when you collect your semen in your hand and covertly wipe it on someones back... in public.
While Jon Lee was finishing his burger at McDonalds, we went to the bathroom, came back, and double silverbacked him!
by Dennis Schaeffer July 19, 2010
a derogatory term made popular amongst USAF Security Forces members. SILVERBACK is used to describe certain Senior Non-Comissioned Officers who exhibit the following character traits...

1. Ignorance.

2. Severe mental retardation.

3. Over-exposure to Newport cigarettes and Colt .45 malt liquor.

4. Primate intelligence.

5. Forget the last one. I mean not to disrespect primates.

6. The mental capacity of a WELCOME MAT.

7. Again, disregard last. Allow me to apologize to the WELCOME MATs.

8. Consistantly and proudly displays the "do as I say and not as I do" attitude.

9. Has never been on a REAL deployment, yet tells subordinates who have deployed that they need to do their part.

10. Any subordinates a SILVERBACK has most likely wishes him dead.
SILVERBACK: "How ya'll doin'? Where's yo' AIRMAN'S MANUAL?"

Airman 1: (whispering): "Look at this crunchy-black mother fucker. Why is he such an asshole?"

Airman 2: (whispering): "I don't know. It's not like he's done anything since he's been in. He's never even been to the AOR."

by Shanananana57 February 03, 2010
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