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Cocks that are timid or afraid to be seen by anyone other than their owner.
Jim and John really have some shy cocks.
by sheshkable March 16, 2009
9 1
Medical condition. The main, indeed only, diagnostic symptom of shy cock is an inability to urinate in the presence of others.

English TV presenter Konnie Huq is widely regarded as a vociferous campaigner for a better understanding of shy cock and its affects on those afflicted.
"I'll go for a slash when I get home... I've got a bit of a shy cock."
by RetardBoy December 11, 2008
29 6
A shycock is someone that has no game with women. Doesn't even have the nerve to start a conversation.
Boris is such a shycock, he doesn't even have the sack to go up to those 2 fat broads and spit some game.
by smm1919 August 30, 2011
4 0
the phenomenon of cock looking shyly around corners.
Look around that corner, it's a pair of shy cocks!
by booboo doo boo April 03, 2007
6 10