An insanely hot chick, with a great rack, tight ass, and profound love for cock (who just happens to be at her sexual peak). The only thing Konnie has in common with Connie is the last 5 letters of her name. Konnie is far more valued than Connie, and should be treated as such.
Sam: I like my starbucks like I like my konnies.
Dave: Really? hows that?
Sam: painfully hot and 100x more valuable than the shit they sell Texaco.
by owed! February 11, 2010
A ghetto girl, her parents thought that Konnie with a K was cool but they failed to realize that theres a show called Connie the Cow and that changing the "C" to a "K" would make her uber miserable. Good job mom and dad.
"Hey umm dude, you spelled my name wrong, it's with a Konnie with a K"
"What? Why?"
"I've been asking my parents the same question my whole life"
by theinvisiblejiz February 06, 2010

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