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Australian slang for anus.
Shove it in ya quoit mate.
by Joey Zippz March 15, 2012
A game similar but distinctly unique from modern horseshoes. Quoits is played with a rubber or metal ring-shaped object called a quoit rather than a U shaped horse shoe.

Specific rules for the game vary from place to place, as does the pronunciation of it's name. In central New Jersey, we play Trenton Quoits (Trent-n Kwates).
Bill: "Tim's having a BBQ this weekend."

Ted: "We gonna play quoits?"

Bill: "Yeah man, his pit is clay and everything!"
by trentn July 15, 2009
Started by the ancient greeks, but it now commonly called horse shoe.
Hey, man! Wanna go play some quoits?
by heyyyalyssa June 03, 2007

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