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Medical condition. The main, indeed only, diagnostic symptom of shy cock is an inability to urinate in the presence of others.

English TV presenter Konnie Huq is widely regarded as a vociferous campaigner for a better understanding of shy cock and its affects on those afflicted.
"I'll go for a slash when I get home... I've got a bit of a shy cock."
by RetardBoy December 11, 2008
Cocks that are timid or afraid to be seen by anyone other than their owner.
Jim and John really have some shy cocks.
by sheshkable March 16, 2009
A shycock is someone that has no game with women. Doesn't even have the nerve to start a conversation.
Boris is such a shycock, he doesn't even have the sack to go up to those 2 fat broads and spit some game.
by smm1919 August 30, 2011
the phenomenon of cock looking shyly around corners.
Look around that corner, it's a pair of shy cocks!
by booboo doo boo April 03, 2007
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