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Adj: Completely worthless and lacking any good qualities

Noun: A worthless person or object

Verb: To sit around aimlessly, doing nothing important or of value
Adj: The modem was being shwill and refused to function

Noun: My ex is a shwill and refuses to pay child support

Verb: Phil was shwilling around at home until 4 AM again last night
by Skorch August 17, 2009
A Portuguese penis. Particularly one that belongs to someone named Michael. Originated from the word "Willy."
"Hey Mike can I see your shwill?"

"Your shwill is beauitful!"
by sarbuff123456789 February 15, 2014
a social chill
frisbee, barefoot soccer, going up to the cottage with friends, lying under the stars with friends are all examples of activities that are shwill
by jake tonar March 17, 2011
1. adj. of very high quality or standard
2. interjection. showing whole hearted approval or agreement
"this martini is shwill"

"how about we go to the movies later?" response: "shwill"
by daniel Krauss-Kowalchuk May 19, 2006

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