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Shuler background: South German (also Schüler): occupational name for a scholar or a student training to be a priest, from an agent derivative of Middle High German schuol(e) ‘school’.
Jewish (Ashkenazic): occupational name for a Talmudic scholar or the sexton of a synagogue, from an agent derivative of Yiddish shul ‘synagogue’.

A Shuler is the coolest person you will ever find. A family that has trials, but comes out stronger. Boys of a Shuler family, are kind, caring, gorgeously attractive, wonderful, and handsome. To know a Shuler is the most respectable thing possible! If you ever meet a Shuler, don't let them go!
"I met a new guy tonight." "Oh yea? What's his name?" "_____Shuler" "WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Do you know how awesome that is, don't ever let him go!"

"I met the most beautiful girl tonight. She is kind, and beautiful and wonderful." "Oh must be a Shuler."
by kansasimcomingtoyou September 30, 2011
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an ass!
"Your boyfriend said what??? He's such a Shuler!"

"I don't know Jane, he's just changed." "I'll tell you what happened, he turned into a Shuler!"
by youbrokemyheartassface January 18, 2012

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