the BEST last name in the world.
the Shu family
by teeheefunnay October 06, 2011
Scoville Heat Unit: the the amount of water needed to dilute the capsaicin beyond human taste capacity in equal parts water to the weight of the mass being tested.
that hot sauce is 3,000 SHU.

it required 1,000 grams of water to dilute 1 gram of that hot sauce, thus the hot sauce is 1,000 Scoville heat units.
by quintuple May 06, 2009
A synonym for the word "you". Often used to seem cooler than you really are.
"I love shu." or "Can shu pass the gravy?"
by Shuluver January 16, 2008
a fire breathing hipster who happens to be a cheese junkie
"I just died, just kidding I'm a shu"
by Seb0195 May 07, 2013
When you don't want to hear what a person has to say or you just don't want to hear a person speak this is what you tell them to do. Often "the fuck" is added after the word to give it a more forceful demand
"When I tell you to shus, you will shus.
by Protoman516 May 16, 2011
the coolest muthfucka around, someone who frequently changes his mind and complains a shitload, likes coors light
stop being such a shu
by ray ray February 28, 2005
its like sayin dang,it comes from the ghetto in northeastern ohio. was popular in the 80;s
dis nigga keep gettin in my way,we finna pug, shu. or im tired shu. it represents some of the deepest stupidity known to man
by ken d December 14, 2004

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